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I’ve worked with Em for a month and I think she’s been fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and even in just a month, helped me tremendously with my goals. Her nutrition knowledge is much better than other coaches I’ve worked with – and her style is great. My calories and macros have increased significantly and my weight has remained stable. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Em. I feel like she is the right fit to help me reach my nutrition and weight loss goals.


I did a month of nutrition coaching with Em and LOVED it!! I have been following Em on Instagram for a while and was always in love with her progress as well as her clients progress. I finally decided it was my time to buy a package and I do NOT regret it. It helped me learn a lot about Macro tracking which I thought I knew and it defiantly helped me learn the proper balance between eating right and enjoying life while still looking good. Not once did I miss out on dinners or treats with friends and I still loved how I looked at the end. It is also nice how she is a registered Dietitian showing that she has an education to back up her methods and shes not just someone who “specializes” in nutrition. Nothing but amazing things and would recommend to everyone!!


The Strong&Shredded Ebook is amazing. It’s hard for me to find a weight lifting routine that really makes me sweat and this program does. Each week I feel stronger. This ebook is seriously equivalent to working out with a personal trainer. I would recommend this to anyone.


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