BikiniBod: The Ultimate Guide to your Dream Body.

Are You Tired of Endless Cardio, Restrictive Diets, and Not Seeing Results?

  • Are You Tired Of Cutting Out Bread/ Cake/ Pasta/ "Insert Favourite Food Here"?  There are absolutely zero restrictions on this diet. No catch. You can eat the foods you enjoy. If you want a glass of wine with dinner, go for it! If you want to eat a piece of cake for dessert, sure thing! 
  • Are You Tired of Doing Hours Upon Hours of Boring Cardio? Long two hour jogs on the treadmill SUCK. Unless of course you like running. But 99.9% of women don’t… Running on the treadmill for hours does not help you look lean and tone. Bikinibod comes complete with a cardio protocol to maximize fat loss without the negative benefits of long, boring, and fat storing cardio.
  • Are You Tired of Not Seeing Results? Put down those silly pink dumbbells, they are doing NOTHING for you or your body. If you want to look lean and fit, you need to follow a structured program- not a fluffy fitness magazine "booty routine". When women lift weights and incorporate metabolism boosting cardio they don’t get bulky, they get lean and fit (think... a fitness model look).

What's Included:

3-Phase Workout Plan.

Each of the three, month long progressive phases were designed to work in sequence to burn fat and build lean muscle. Each workout takes only one hour a day, five times a week, without silly “toning exercises” or endless amounts of boring cardio.

3-Phase Nutrition Plan.

No restrictive diets or boring meal plans. You will be provided with a customizable 3 phase macronutrient nutrition plan, which lets YOU chose the foods you love and enjoy- every day!

Huge Meal Idea List.

We do not believe in restrictive diets, however we also believe healthy eating is important for health! You get a list of over 40 different, easy to make, quick, healthy, and affordable meal ideas.

#TeamBeyou2befit Group.

You get exclusive access FOREVER to our private Facebook support group for any questions you may have along the way. This is a great way to meet new friends and keep yourself accountable.

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About the Author

Emilia Hogan, M.A.N, Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian

Dietitian Em

Hi, my name is Emilia, but you can call me Em. I am registered dietitian with the College of Ontario, as well as a Sports Nutritionist. I hold both a 4 year Bachelors Degree in Applied Human Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Applied Nutrition from the University of Guelph. I am also a NESTA Certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to running BeYou2BeFit Inc., I also work as the lead Research and Development Specialist at Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Since opening my private practice in 2013, I have worked with 1000s of men and women, both young and old, athlete and non-athlete, in transforming their bodies, building healthy relationships with food and leading healthier & happier lives.

Why Wait? Get the program now for under $1 per day.

What BikiniBod Girls Are Saying

"This program is awesome!! I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I love the workouts, I love how you explain how each phase is going to be, before we start it. It’s so helpful. I love the healthy food exchange list you put in the program as well, awesome."


"I recently finished your Bikini Bod program. I followed it consistently and tracked my macros and saw such great results physically and mentally. Tracking macros has also allowed me to learn about living a balanced lifestyle and not having to starve myself to get results. Your program is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for creating great programs!"


"I haven’t seen my body change as drastically as it did when I followed your programs… you can also probably notice it in the pictures…..Thanks again for being an awesome person to follow on IG and for your amazing posts & ebooks! I tell everyone I know to go to your website to get an ebook when they tell me they don’t know how/where to start working out!"


“It’s been close to a year since I purchased your bikini bod program and I have certainly gained a lot of muscle and lost some fat. It was helpful to know what to do in the gym as I was always too scared/ bashful to go to the weights rack, squat rack. Having your program on hand helped me to feel more confident in doing that."


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