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Are you thinking of competing in a bikini or figure competition?

Here at beyou2befit our coach, personal trainer and registered dietitian Em, can design an effective and realistic fitness competition prep program for you and coach you right to the stage. Leave nothing up to chance, let me take care of your prep from training to nutrition to choosing your suit/heels to peak week to complete show day support.

*Please see the tabs below for what is included and to see if this program is right for you. Please complete the client form below PRIOR to purchase so we can discuss if a prep is right for you*

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1) Unlimited Coaching Email and Text Access: Do you need a bit of additional guidance? As a registered dietitian and personal trainer I am available by email and text to answer any and all competition prep, nutrition and training questions you have over the course of your competition prep. You are not alone in your journey to the stage- whether you are a first time competitor or aiming to earn your pro card, I am here to bring your BEST package to the stage.

2) Monthly Phone Calls: Each month me and you will chat over the phone to discuss any questions surrounding your prep, discuss “next steps” and check-in to see how you are progressing through your prep.

3) Personalized Nutrition Plan: As a dietitian I will provide you with a personalized nutrition program to help you reach a desirable stage conditioning. Bikini competition prep is much different than a typical fat loss program. Adherence to this program is vital to success. I will provide you with a meal plan + substitution list (with your likes/dislikes) if desired as well. Each week I will adjust your macronutrient plan/macros as required to see sustained progress. It is vital to work with a dietitian for a prep to maintain hormonal function during the course of your prep, know when to increase or decrease calories/macros, know when to implement specialized techniques (ex. carb cycling), know when to implement refeed and treat days/weeks/meals in order to boost fat loss and prevent adverse side effects due to prolonged dieting.

4) Personalized Training Plan: As a personal trainer every month I will design a BRAND new training program to help you achieve stage level conditioning. It is vital to work with a person experienced in competition show prep as it is important that competition prep training plans include sufficient hypertrophy work to maintain muscle in certain areas, and sufficient conditioning work to lose fat and improve conditioning in certain areas. The goal of prep is to bring a proportional stage lean physique to stage.  All programs are personalized for YOU own goals, your time commitment, your available equipment (or lack of equipment) and your athletic abilities. Please note: a GYM IS REQUIRED for show prep, as well as a time commitment of  6-8 hours a week.

5) Weekly Check-Ins, Accountability and Adjustments: Each week you will complete an online, personalized client check-in document, which allows me to evaluate your progress and progress pictures week-by-week in order to make tweaks to your cardio, workout, and nutrition program. It is vital to have a knowledgeable coach with competition prep experience make weekly changes during prep to ensure you hit the stage with peak conditioning and without any hormonal implications. These check-ins are also a great time to discuss with your coach any challenges you may be having so we can work together to help make things as smooth as possible for you.

6) Help with Choosing a Bikini Suit, Bikini Show, Stage Shoes, Posing: I am here along the way to help with things such as: how to register for your show, help choosing a show, choosing the proper cut and colour for your suit, assessment of posing videos. Please note that I am NOT a posing coach. It is vital that you find a local or online posing coach at least 14 weeks out.

7) #TeamBeyou2befit Support Group: The best part of becoming a beyou2befit team member? 24/7 access to a supportive Facebook Community. We are a supportive community of individuals who share our successes, challenges, and progress with each other. This is a great way to meet other prep clients and keep yourself accountable.
8) Show Day Support and Peak Week: The week and a half before your show I will design you a specialized peak week meal plan and depletion training + cardio program in order to bring the leanest, fullest package to stage. Don’t risk looking stringy, skinny and flat on stage. Let me make peak week a BREEZE with a step-by-step meal, water, cardio and depletion plan. Also- I am here for support all day on show day. Local clients (Toronto-Guelph-London) are able to purchase a ticket/back-stage pass for me if you would like me to attend in-person.

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1 review

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  1. Roni Travis

    5 out of 5

    Choosing Em to be my coach through my competition was the BEST decision I had ever made.
    Not only did her coaching allow me to kill it on stage, but I didn’t feel sick, deprived or (hardly) very grumpy.
    Plus she was so supportive and always knew what to say when I needed it.
    Also, a lot of people struggle post competition and knowing that I had Em there to help me reverse diet made me feel more at ease and come back to normal life without totally bingeing or beating myself up.
    You will not regret Em as a Coach, I can guarantee that.

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