fall bootcamp challenge

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The fall bootcamp challenge is an 8-week body transformation challenge for individuals looking to build curves, while shredding away stubborn fat. On average challenge members lose 5-10 inches and 10-15 pounds over the course of this 8-week challenge.

Please note that this is the SELF GUIDED VERSION to be completed at your own pace. There are NO prizes, check-ins, coaching, webinars or weekly challenges provided which is reflected in the 60% lower price.


The Challenge.

Two Phase Workout Plan. 

  • With each of the 2 months you will receive a brand new workout routine designed to maximize fat loss, optimize hormones and achieve lean muscle tone. Both phases are specially designed for fat loss, improved muscle tone and strength gains. You’ll get a female specific plan with extra focus on legs, glutes and delts, so you can achieve a lean and tone physique.
  • Clickable video link to each exercise.
  • You will have the option to choose between a 4 or 5 day HOME or GYM workout routine. Home routine requires 3 sets of dumbbells, a stability ball and resistance bands. Gym routine requires a full gym or apartment gym.

Cardio Programming. 

  • Fall bootcamp includes a list of 40 + different cardio and metabolic routines you can pick and choose from.

Personalized Nutrition Plan. 

  • Each individual will receive a personalized flexible dieting AND portion template nutrition plan customized to their activity level, age, and goals.
  • THREE meal plans (one week meal plans) included. The meal plans will be easy to follow, cost and time effective.

6 in stock