Personalized Nutrition + Fitness Package

$130.00 USD

Are you a professional dieter  and overexerciser?

1. How many times have you given up “cake” or “pasta” or starved yourself just to binge eat later on?
2. How long did your last diet last before you “gave in” or “gave up”?
3. Could you really give up cookies/pasta/cheese/insert food here, forever?
4. How much money have you spent on “miracle supplements”, weight watchers, “diet shakes” just to regain all the weight?
5. With all the information out there, are you just plain ole’ confused what the best diet and workout plan for you is?
6. Are you struggling to lose weight? Build muscle? Or just have more energy?

Are you struggling with sifting through endless nutrition and training programs that don’t work? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a professional to design an easy to follow and effective program? Here at beyou2befit our coach, Em, can design an effective and realistic training and nutrition program suited to your personal style and goals.


*Please see the tabs below for what is included and to see if this program is right for you. Please complete the client form below upon purchase*



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Customized Workout Plan

  • One personalized week workout and cardio program (to be followed for 6 weeks) based on your goals and preferences
  • Can be tailored to home/full gym/partial gym.
  • Access to the exclusive team beyou2befit facebook group.
  • Lifetime access to the Team Beyou2befit Facebook Group for support

Customized Nutrition Plan

  • Personalized macronutrient program AND Portion Control Program
    • Portion control guide is a food points system that requires no macro-counting/scales and instead relies on simple, easy ways to portion control your food (sample: 5 proteins per day, 4 carbs per day, 5 vegetables per day).
    • Macronutrient program is a more strict program which require calorie/macro tracking.
    • You pick whichever model works best for you- you get both
  • Flexible Dieting Ebook
  • Supplement and cardio suggestions
  • Refeed meals or carb cycling plans (if required) for hormonal regulation
  • Lifetime access to the Team Beyou2befit Facebook Group for support