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Are you struggling with sifting through endless training programs that don’t work? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need a professional to design an easy to follow and effective program? Here at beyou2befit our coach, Em, can design an effective and realistic training program suited to your personal style and goals.


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4 reviews for Personalized Training Program

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve been working with Emilia since the end of 2015 she has been an immense help with my nutrition. In the past I’d tried a lot of different diets all with very short term success and always with a bounce back. So many times my wife and I would see diet and nutrition as all or nothing, Emilia makes it easy and understands that life is about balance. I can’t recommend enough how awesome it is to work with her.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I never thought anyone (including myself) would be able to change my body by food alone. She helped me increase my carbs by 150 g and my overall calories by 500-600 without gaining one pound 🙂 . I trusted Em throughout my whole fitness journey and she is absolutely incredible. I’ve had several coaches and no one has been so personable, so encouraging and so knowledgable.

  3. em! So i think its safe to say that the scale does NOOOT matter. Before I was 52kg and this morning (on right) i weighed 52.5kg! I feel leaner and so much better. On the left I was eating all ‘clean foods’ and basically restricting everythinggg!!!
    Now i am so happy and eat a large variety of foods! Thanks and love you…”

  4. 12 week progress

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Customized Workout Plan

  • One personalized week workout and cardio program (to be followed for 4-6 weeks) based on your goals and preferences
  • Can be tailored to home/full gym/partial gym.
  • Access to the exclusive team beyou2befit facebook group.