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Strong Girl is an 8 week  fitness and nutrition transformation program specifically designed by women, for women.  
I have received countless emails over the years from women telling me that they are too scared to go into the “men’s section” of the gym. The “men’s section” that these ladies are referring to is the free weights section. For years women have been told that lifting heavy weights will make them bulky. Apparently women should stick ONLY to “female exercises”… you know… bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and cardio, to achieve a lean and “toned” body. That’s not to say that these exercises are not effective in fact they have a place in every MALE and FEMALE workout program. However, to say that there are strictly male and female exercises is completely and utterly wrong.



2 reviews for StrongGirl

  1. 5 out of 5

    I enjoyed this program, especially the information about how to calculate macros/what macros are and how I calculated them based on body type. Most fitness programs or guides are a one size fits all, so it was nice that this had something more specific to me. The exercises were definitely killer and I felt pushed daily. The two phases helped me ease into things. Definitely recommend!

  2. Hi Em! I am in week 2 of the Strong Girl plan and love it. I just wanted to send you this picture to say THANK YOU! the picture on the left is July 2015, the picture on the right is from today. Following this, Bikini Bod, and Strong & Shredded at different points over the past year has made me so much more confident at the gym that I’m not afraid to push myself. It is hard to see your own progress on a daily basis, so seeing these pictures made me so happy I trusted your programs, especially increasing my calories! I’ve gone from around 1100 calories, 5 days of cardio a week to 1800 calories, 2 or 3 days of cardio a week – which I never would’ve done on my own. So excited to see the end results of Strong Girl!

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What’s Included

1) A two phase, eight week resistance training regime.

Month 1 is a  Functional Strength and Conditioning month designed to prime your body for month 2. Month 2 is a Hyper Hybrid Conditioning month designed to burn away stubborn fat, while building lean muscle.

2) Guidance on how to eat according to your specific body type.

StrongGirl includes a flexible nutrition guide for rest and workout days. This program is based on carb cycling, macronutrient, and flexible dieting principles. You get to eat foods YOU enjoy. No restrictive meal plans.

3) Learn the science behind specific macronutrient ratios.

You will learn why various macronutrients are important for body composition and overall health. You will also learn the science behind why each body type (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) require different macronutrient ratios. Macronutrient food tables are included.

4) Learn which body type you are.

You will learn how to determine which of the three body types you are (ecto, meso, endo) and how to properly fuel and train for body recomposition.

5) Cardio protocols for each specific body type.

You will receive guidelines for the proper cardio protocol for your specific body type.


6) Access to the Exclusive Team Beyou2befit Facebook Group for Support.

With the purchase of StrongGirl you recieve lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group of over 600 members.